Gathering Dust

Barnard Gallery, South Africa
Solo exhibition
9 July - 6 August 2019

Since her debut exhibition in 2015, Sarah Biggs has maintained an on-going fascination with the relationship between the human subject and the natural world, with each new body of work seeing a new evolution, expansion, or reimagining of this relationship, this inter-dependence. Biggs’ new body of work, Gathering dust, pushes through the vast landscapes depicted in earlier work and further into subjectivity, inviting the viewer not to observe others searching, but to embody the search themselves. Biggs calls on the viewer to become the subject, positioning them in amongst the brush, overwhelmed by swathes of colour that blur and dance in the periphery. And with this immersion comes the necessary loss of perspective, of boundaries, of direction. Biggs’ push deeper into abstraction in these new works further enables this shift in experience, as well as welcomes an expanded sensorium: abstracted mark-making serve to signal the non-visual, the importance of touch, smell and sound in the way we experience the natural world. In invoking this sense of embodiment and ambiguity, the exhibition represents a daring shift from observation to immersion, from macro to micro, from knowing to feeling.

Excerpt from exhibition text by Charis de Kock

Sarah Biggs cloud dust Sarah Biggs verge trees Sarah Biggs little cloud Sarah Biggs orange bloom Sarah Biggs shadow portrait light Sarah Biggs dust memory blue green Sarah Biggs flower collector portrait Sarah Biggs dust collector abstract Sarah Biggs garden guide Sarah Biggs gold sleepers portrait Sarah Biggs dust memory grey Sarah Biggs pink sea springtide Sarah Biggs scape Sarah Biggs warm wind scape Sarah Biggs hyperallergic fynbos Sarah Biggs abstract far near Sarah Biggs friend bird portrait
Sarah Biggs installation Sarah Biggs installation Sarah Biggs installation Sarah Biggs installation Sarah Biggs installation