Salon91 Contemporary Art Collection, South Africa
Two person exhibition
17 September - 11 October 2014

At its simplest, distance marks the length of space between two points. It speaks of time and place and the intervals between. Look a little deeper and it separates further; becomes the condition of being far off. It turns to detachment, and enters into the realm of objectivity and scientific observation – a chosen breadth to measure and record; a point of reference; a wetted width. How long? An engrossing task at hand needs and necessitates its surroundings. To measure is to ascribe value; it is an activity that fills gaps. It is an intervention and an act of determination; a way to quantify, to provide significance to the smallest of acts. It’s in the details.

Sarah Biggs abstract scape Sarah Biggs mountain scape Sarah Biggs birdman portrait Sarah Biggs scape geyser Sarah Biggs encounter rock Sarah Biggs twitch birdwatchers Sarah Biggs hypothesis abstract nature Sarah Biggs breakthrough Sarah Biggs encounter rock Sarah Biggs how long abstract figure field Sarah Biggs gathering dust Sarah Biggs fieldwork field Sarah Biggs water pond abstract Sarah Biggs red scape Sarah Biggs outcrop scape
Sarah Biggs installation Sarah Biggs installation